Happy Tails

"Becca came to our home to help us with a wonderful lab rescue. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and gave us information on subjects like nutrition also. In a 5 hour training period we had all issues resolved and are very pleased with the outcome! We think she is fantastic!"

-- Leslie

"Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help yesterday!! We took him out again last night with the new leash and already are noticing such a difference with it! We can't wait to keep working with him and see how he progresses with your help! We're looking into getting the little backpack for him so he has a job :) I think he'll like that. Talk to you soon, and thanks!!!!"

-- Nicole

"My husband and I rescued our dog Lola from Animal Resource Foundation (ARF) in Chester, MD this past January. Lola was our first pet as a married couple and we wanted to ensure that we provided the best quality of life for her since she didn’t have the best life before she met us. We immediately called Becca for her help and guidance. Becca has been a wonderful, continued resource for us and her techniques work! Not only does she have a special gift with animals, she is also a great person."

-- Kelsey

"After countless efforts of walking and being dragged around by a 50 lb dog, not to mention the hundreds of dollars spent on leashes, collars, and harnesses, our stubborn 8 month old golden doodle literally learned how to walk by our side in not even 10 minutes. Thank you so much!!"

-- Katherine

"Becca is an amazing behaviorist. She taught us stuff about our Fur Prince we never realized. She gave us the tools to start taking back our house, one couch and one step at a time. From his food, to his mind frame, to the household energy. Thank GOSH we found her, she has helped us live a little more harmonious. Our Shadow is still a work in progress, but at least we see the light at the end of the tunnel. It took 3 hours, she had him wrapped around her little finger, I didn't know our dog even had it in him! I highly recommend her, she is amazing!!"

-- Randi

"Incredible results! Baltimore's Dog Whisperer is simply amazing. We experienced a total, near-overnight transformation. For years, we had attended the in-store demonstrations, bought the books, and watched the TV shows; all with limited results. We lived with uncontrollable barking at every ring of the doorbell (even doorbells on TV), skittish behavior around houseguests, and dogs that dragged us around the block on walks. We had all but given up and come to accept this as unavoidable dog behavior, perhaps based on the breed, or perhaps based on our having failed to deliver some crucial training during their puppy phase.

Enter, the Baltimore Dog Whisperer. Early one weekend morning, we grabbed our leashes, jumped in the car with our 10 year-old and 4 year-old Weimaraners, and headed to a local park for one of Becca Steinbach's open community sessions. Her warm, welcoming demeanor eliminated any anxiety over the possibility of poor pet behavior and our own inexperience. Even more remarkable than having instantly commanded the attention and respect of the animals present, was Becca's interpersonal communication and ability to leverage human social skills. She was a true teacher and coach, having kept everyone focused and engaged while orchestrating a complex symphony of animals and owners who, within minutes, were all up and moving about the park practicing new-found techniques with growing confidence.

This was exactly what we had been looking for, and we quickly arranged for a private in-home session the following week. This wasn't obedience training. This wasn't dog biscuit reinforcement for tricks on command. This certainly wasn't a daytime talk show-like exercise where an animal savant would perform some unexplainable ability to communicate with, or whisper to, our dogs.

What we did get, was someone who whispered to us. Becca helped us understand our dogs' behavior (i.e. the way our animals communicate their needs, beliefs, fears, and anxiety to us). She taught us about a dog's pack mentality and about a dog's needs, including the undeniable need for structure and leadership within their pack. Becca coached us in delivering the appropriate responses to our dogs' behavior, meeting not only simple physical needs but their real psychological needs, and ultimately seeing in them the balanced behavior and calm demeanor we had always thought impossible. With a lifetime guarantee, offering follow-up sessions if ever needed, we only wish we had found Becca Steinbach, Baltimore's Dog Whisperer, years earlier."

-- Brian & Jen

Soooooo, let's talk dogs. Specifically, are you totally annoyed by something your dog does...there are those things that have been bothering you forever but you never knew it was a "fixable" thing so you have learned to tolerate? Does "I have tried EVERYTHING! or They just don't listen" sound familiar?

I am pretty much a nothing-really-impresses-me type. So if something works, I HAVE to tell people about it. And it is no overstatement when I say that MAGIC has LIT. ER. ALLY occurred in my life.

Here's what you need to know: I have three naughty, but proud, graduates of Bad Dog U living under my roof. They really needed to get it together. The one in the picture was doing hard time at the shelter and was a mess when he came to me. I was referred to Bmore Behaved and Becca has changed my life. Think Dog Whisperer meets your best friend meets the wise sage who teaches you to communicate with your dogs in a way they they will actually understand.

I admit, I selfishly hate to post this because I am afraid with all the publicity, I might never get in with her again (not that she needs publicity, nor I need more sessions because in one session she changed their/my lives). I am not overpromising, she is that good! Run don't walk to see if you can get an appointment to teach you and your dog a thing or two. You will thank me.

-- Kelly

"Becca was great with our two dogs! One of our dogs was beginning to become a little food/toy/people possessive and aggressive towards our baby. Becca taught us a lot about how to reclaim our space, build a home environment that is more relaxing and conducive to appropriate pup behavior, and garner respect for our tiny human. The recommendations were great and we are very happy with the behavior of our dogs. Thank you!"

-- Liz

Becca made getting a rescue puppy so enjoyable. Every question that I ask (and I have a lot), she is prepared with an answer and gets back to me very quickly. You can tell that she LOVES animals and loves what she is doing. She went with me for a meet and greet and helped me pick out which dog was best for my personality. I cannot speak more highly of her skills, professionalism and willingness to help.

-- Daniel

“I am very pleased with the results, we have had just over night with my princess, although we still need some work. I can't get over the transformation pretty much over night. Everything was wonderful! I am so thankful for Becca and her wonderful skills. I can't wait to have her back with our princess, and see our progress! :) Thanks again. “

-- Roxie, Trish, Danielle