Dog Training Baltimore MD Collage

A Natural & Holistic Philosophy

Dogs are meant to add joy, love, fun and meaning to our lives. Their purpose is not to give us daily headaches and frustrations. Many dogs have bad habits, all of which we should not have to put up with. We have more important tasks and issues to deal with in our busy lives! Yet, many of us out there have problems with our pups, which cause the bond between ourselves and our beloved dogs to begin to fray. Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Walks are frustrating. Your dog pulls you on the leash every time you go for a walk. She sets the pace and your arm gets tired!
  • The incessant barking is giving you a headache.
  • Your dog embarrasses you since every time you have a visitor (person or dog!), she humps them.
  • You have to make sure the dog is in another room because he will jump on your guests or steal their food.
  • Your dog is terrified during thunderstorms. The only thing you know to do is try to console him.
  • You forgot what it is like to embrace your partner when the dog is in the room. He gets "too jealous".
  • You're never sure what mess you will come home to... your dog suffers from separation anxiety.
  • The carpets are getting ruined because the dog still pees in the house.
  • You can't go anywhere with your dog because she will attack other people and dogs. Yikes!
  • The furniture smells awful since your dog has claimed it is hers. Oh, and anytime someone approaches you and your dog on the sofa, she snaps at them.

The issues listed above - and many more - can be fixed! Holistic behavioral modification uses your dog's natural instincts to change bad behavior. Nature designed the best training method for dogs. We just have to use the same natural techniques in a practical way to fit our home environments. We have learned that natural instinct and we come to your home and teach you how to communicate with your dog in a calm leadership role. Dogs naturally respond to calm leadership and when you learn how to become your dog's calm leader you will be amazed at how fast your dog will transform. A dog that has been pulling you on the leash can walk calmly in just minutes. He just needed to understand what you have been wanting.

Learning to relate with your dogs in ways that are natural isn't difficult; it's just different than what you are used to hearing about. It isn't natural for dogs to fight with each other, be anxious, nervous, obese, timid or excited all of the time. These are issues that we have become used to putting up with because we have tried all we have known to correct them.

In addition to helping you relate to your dog in a way they naturally understand, we also treat the dog as a whole. Behavioral issues can also be a result of imbalances within the dog. Therefore, we also guide you through food therapy and other beneficial holistic services to help restore balance in your dog. Combined with assuming a calm leadership role, your dog will find peace and be relieved of the behavioral issues he's been experiencing.

Enjoying and sharing your life with a well behaved dog is a wonderful experience! Dog behavior modification helps build a strong bond of trust, respect, love and kindness between you and your dog. With behavior modification & other holistic steps, the relationship between you and your dog can reach its full potential. Dogs are pack animals and are genetically programmed to enjoy following a benevolent leader. Dog behavior modification gives them confidence and security in themselves and in you!